Every morning

Thousands of underprivileged children head to classrooms

Many of them live in transitional housing, or even their home may be a car. So many do not have electricity or runnig water. They might have a roof over their head but cannot afford basic hygiene products.

As a result of poor hygiene, students endure embarrassment and humiliation, which leads to behavioral and academic problems.

Join us to restore dignity to every student in-need.

Since March 2019

Over 1500 personal hygiene products have been
distributed to students in-need in Glynn County

Project Niceties Care Boxes take the burden off nurses, teachers, and social workers who often purchase hygiene products for students from their own pockets. The project supports families who are unable to shift money away from important purchases like food and transportation.

Our Founder

Hi, I'm Carter!

I'm a sophomore at Frederica Academy on St. Simons Island, Georgia, and founder of the non-profit, Project Niceties.

I was shocked to learn about the hardships many students in Glynn County face because they have no access to personal hygiene products. I could not sit back and observe; I had to take action.

With the help of my family and friends, Project Niceties began restoring the dignity of in-need Glynn County students by providing the sanitary and personal care products they need to succeed!

- Carter Jules,

Founder of Project Niceties

Project Niceties - Carter Jules-21