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In a conversation with my family and some friends, someone mentioned seeing an article that mentioned that hygienic supplies for needy children were usually obtained through the school nurses’ offices, but the nurses most often bore the expense themselves. I thought, “That’s something I can do something about”. That was in about February or March 2019, and by August I had been before the school board and had boxes of supplies in two high schools and 4 middle schools. One of the middle school nurses was the one who told me that there was a big need in the elementary schools. In January, I had boxes in Glynn county’s 10 elementary schools. By August, I hope to have expanded to several surrounding counties.

There are two ways. Contact us, and if your school is near our base, we’ll contact the school board and se how receptive they are to our project, If you are further away, we are now working on putting together a satellite program, which would be run by a student in your area.

Certainly. We are frequently looking for drivers, box packers, and other miscellaneous jobs. Contact us at (443) 786-7335 for more information.

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As far a the hygiene supplies, if you need something, you can get what you need. The nurse doesn’t have to decide what Project Niceties pays for and what they don’t. As far as personal care products, again, students usually come to the nurse or school administrator for help. So the answer is, if someone needs help, it’s there for them.